Disc Jockey


Hi there!
We have a wide variety of services that we offer. The following will only take you about a minute to go through!
At most weddings we do, we supply multiple services, including:
-Disc Jockey Service
-Lighting Decor (We can transform the room into your wedding colour) with our enhanced LED systems.
-Screen / Projector / LCD TV for showing pictures or slide shows etc.

As for the wedding ceremony, we often have the wedding couple select those; we do a decent amount of them, and we suggest for you to make the songs for the ceremony special to the couple and their family!

To give you a close idea of our services (depending on the location of the
venue, there can be a travel cost and accommodation, ***)

Popular Packages we do are as follows:

Bronze Package
4 hours Typically 9pm – 1am

Silver Package
6 hours Typically 7pm – 1am

Silver Package Plus 1 HR (Most popular)
7 hours Typically 6pm – 1am

Gold Package
8 hours typically 5pm – 1am

Platinum Package ~ Enhanced Sound & Lighting
8 hours typically 5pm – 1am

Ceremony Music and microphone
Depending on the location of the ceremony in regards to the Dinner and Dance Reception, this is: $150 – $250 for the most part

Up Lighting Decor ~ ~ ~ ~This varies quite a bit
Most of Our packages run from $400 for our entry package and up to 3000 (including our Disc Jockey Services) for our Full Platinum Package with mono grams and moving head lights for the dinner for ambiance.
It may be best to give me a call as well as sometimes it’s easier to discuss on the phone, or we can meet in person as well to go over any fine details.

We require a $250 (plus HST $287.50) deposit for our DJ Services or a $500 Deposit (plus HST $575.00) for our DJ Services and lighting decor when combined.
I hope this helps you out for now.
Please feel free to call me at 902-574-3333 or we can meet for a quick coffee to go over all your details.
We can get the paper work done now and work out the particulars and final cost at a later date.
If you should have any questions email here at anytime!
We look forward to working with you on your special day.