Kyle Burchell

Kyle Burchell has been in the Disc Jockey business since his introduction to it in 1989 with Sound Tec Music. Kyle started out with helping at small dances, loading, lifting and hooking up the Sound & Light Show. Several months later, Kyle jumped right into the School Dance Scene; having a keen interest in the music side of things. “The Bigger the crowd, the Bigger I am” is one quote from the now known ‘DJ Majestic’ of Majestic Entertainment. Kyle flourished when it came to DJing at schools: Riverview, Sydney Academy, Breton Education Center, Glace Bay High and Parish Center Dances back in the early – mid 1990s. So much, that he became the Entertainment at the Capri Club from 1991-1996 at the Famous Thursday night “Capri Party Nite. Then Kyle went on to explore the “Bay Side” of things at Billy D’s the Guildwood Place in Glace Bay on Wednesday through Saturday. As this became the place to be during the “Drink Price Wars”, establishments started using liquor instead of entertainment as the headlines, so Kyle moved back to the Sydney side of things with his former manager at the Capri Club to start up “Hit Mix 96 with DJ Kyle B” at Daniel’s Bar and Grill. This continued for Kyle until he left Cape Breton to pursue his Bachelor of Education at the University of Maine at Fort Kent in 1997; after obtaining a Phys. Ed. Degree; from then UCCB. Upon returning from the United States to Cape Breton, Kyle stayed to enjoy the party scene in Cape Breton for the summer and then moved to Halifax in September 1998. While on a hiatus from the “DJ Scene” for 3 months, Kyle registered his first company called “Triple Q DJ”, which 3 months later became better renamed and known as MAJESTIC ENTERTAINMENT. Kyle became the headline entertainment for the new bar “Jack Astor’s”, it’s first in Atlantic Canada.

Kyle was the DJ / assistant bartender from behind the bar on a Wednesday to Saturday promo from 5pm-2am.

Upon contract completion with Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill, Kyle went onto the infamous University bar J.J. Rossy’s the same year, 1999.

Friday Nights eventually became “Friday Nite , Ladies Nite with DJ Kyle “. Kyle would continue at J.J. Rossy’s until it’s sale to NASCAD when J.J. Rossy’s RIP took place. “It was the Capri Club of Halifax, it was the place to be”. Kyle also worked across the street at Peddler’s Pub where he was the DJ, waiter and also bounced at J.J. Rossy’s. Kyle slowly got out of the bar scene and started purchasing more equipment and hitting the school dance scene again, entertaining at 13 schools in only a 3 year run; 10 of them on contract. Kyle and his company Majestic Entertainment were then approached by Coca Cola Bottling Company to DJ at their sponsored events all over the province of Nova Scotia, like the ever so famous SMU Frosh Week. Kyle got married in 2003 and has since moved “Back to the Cape” in 2007 with his lovely wife Suzin and two Boxers. Kyle is living the Dream of having a house on the Mira, continues to teach school and entertain on the Beautiful Island of Cape Breton. Majestic Entertainment is currently entertaining 9 schools in the CBRM and continues to play weddings, staff parties, grad parties and whatever he’s approached with.