Covid – 19


We have been very involved with the wedding industry and helping to plan possible postponement dates with wedding couples.  

Here is what we have been communicating to our brides and grooms for the 2020-2021 season:

We understand that these are hard times for everyone both mentally and financially. If you have an upcoming Wedding that you have booked with us and you have paid the deposit here is what will happen if you need to postpone or cancel:

– If you need to postpone your date, your deposit will transfer to the new date. If we are unavailable on your new date we will contact our partners in the DJ Industry to help you secure a replacement DJ for you, if not, then we will send back your deposit.

– Some have decided to do a smaller scale wedding, if you decide to do this, we will work with you to configure what is required to make you day special! For example you may have booked a 7 hour package and may only require a 4 hour package and we will change the contract time and price.  

– If you cancel, then the contract applies which means we will only return your deposit if we are able to secure a new booking on your date.